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Monique Johnston
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Monique Johnston is a Canadian singer/songwriter, model and actress. Monique started singing at the age of eight in a music workshop where she began to perform on stage in front of a live audience; however, this was not the first taste of the spotlight for her, at seven months old, Monique won her first beauty pageant and received a modeling contract with Manhattan Modeling Agency.
After a period of four years, she started modeling with Caroline's Modeling Agency She went on to participate in a Canadian talent showcase; always pursuing her passion for music, Monique became involved in 'jam club' at her high school which allowed her to evolve her talent through experience.
Monique has been Featured in several music videos with artists like Luu Breeze"Still Care" and Danny Fernandez Fly Again (Broken Wings) and she has also taken part in fashion shows at Dukati in Dufferin in Toronto and also has been featured Dukati Fashion Show.
Monique released her 1st single, "Won't Become That Man," in the summer of 2014,debuting it with the release of her music video. Monique's debut album titled "Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight," is now available on iTunes and Google Play. Monique released her second music video for "Addiction" in April of 2015, since then the video has been recognized by the Akademia Music Awards as the Best Pop Rock Music Video of October 2015.

1. Just Me and You 2:48 Listen Now
2. All I Want 3:51 Listen Now
3. We Don't Play 3:41 Listen Now
Monique Johnston - Just Me and You


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