History & Industry Credits

Garrett ClarkGarrett Clark, SMG Records & Media Founder, known to the music world as Dj Strange the Producer is the CEO and brain trust of SMG Records & Media. The Producer/Record Executive has always had his ear to the streets of the next generation of aspiring new artists but without forgetting about the past generation of artist that paved the way. His long career in the music business has brought a wealth of experience in all facets of entertainment, from composing to songwriting, producing, artist development, engineering, audio mixing and mastering, vocal arrangements and more.

Along the way while building SMG Records & Media, Dj Strange made his way in the music industry by either producing, writing, engineering and or distributing songs for some of the bigger named award-winning artists like Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Adina Howard, Knocturnal, CL Smooth, OG kid Frost just to name a few and a host of up and coming acts as well.

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